How the OLEV grant works

If you can answer yes to all of the following questions then you will meet the criteria for the OLEV grant and can save £350 off the total installation cost of your EV charger.

Have you purchased, leased or hired a new EV (or second hand EV since October 1st 2016) or will you be the primary user of a company EV?

If on order. is it due to arrive within the next 4 months?

Is the vehicle on the OLEV list of eligible vehicles?

Do you intend on keeping the vehicle for at least 6 months?

Do you have private off street parking such as a driveway or garage?


Applying for the grant

You can either apply for the grant yourself and supply us with a voucher or to make things easier we can do it on your behalf.

If you would like us to do it on your behalf please provide us with the following:-

A copy of your V5C log book or order form/ lease/ hire agreement

If your vehicle is a company car, we will need a signed letter from your employer (we can supply a template)

If your vehicle is on order, we will need an estimated delivery date (an email from the dealership is acceptable)

Your MPAN number – this can be found on your electricity bill and is the 13 digits on the bottom line of the grid that starts with the letter S

Completed & signed Annex D (we will supply this)

If you would like to do it yourself then please click here to read the OLEV guide for customers.